The Solar
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Did you know that solar energy is more affordable for consumers now than ever before?

The benefits of
going green.

Did you know that solar energy is more affordable for consumers now than ever before? While electricity prices go up, the costs to install sustainable energy solutions like solar panels are going down. The market reach for solar paneling is expanding due to this affordability. Plus, through government backed tax incentives and available financing, more and more customers are understanding that solar power makes sense for their personal residences or their businesses.

Making a Better Future

As you consider your next business investment, think of the future. How can what you do today affect the next generation? With Grid Master Solar One, the answer is easy. Solar energy can save the country from roughly 75% of US greenhouse gas emissions that come from the more traditional forms of energy, like burning coal, oil and natural gas. In consideration to the carbon dioxide offset, that’s like planting almost 1.2 billion trees per year!

Market Trends


Solar Power Annual Growth Rate

Projected Industry Worth by 2050


Reduction in Solar Installation in the Past Decade


David Seagraves

Right place, right time to start a new generation of legacy wealth.

Nerida Prado

My husband and I saw this opportunity as a way to change our lives for the better. We believe in Gridmaster Solar One so much we even sold ourselves solar panel for our home

Sytira Richardson

It is an honor and privilege to own a franchise through Gridmaster Solar One, the first minority owned solar franchisor in the United States

Lorinda Montgomery

After so many years looking for the right opportunity my prayers was answered this is the best opportunity, Thank You Gridmaster Solar One

Daniel Liriano

I love the support I get from the Gridmaster Solar One management staff. I can’t lose as long as I follow the system.

Abel Brind

“We are in the business of moving forward and that is exactly what we are doing with GridMaster Solar One.”


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